Understanding the Importance of Heating System Maintenance

HVAC heating & cooling systems maintenanceThe average home heating system costs around $7000, but some models go much higher. Do you want to spend that much money every few years? Probably not.

By doing routine maintenance on your system, you can dramatically prolong its use. But surprisingly, many people make the mistake of not doing any maintenance.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss why heating system maintenance is so important, and what kinds of things maintenance involves.

Why Maintenance is Necessary

Maintenance is necessary if you want to keep your heating and cooling system for more than a couple of years. As with anything in life, a little bit of TLC goes a long way.

To put things into perspective, here are a few examples. First is a dentist. You don’t wait ten years between trips to the dentist, do you? You probably go at least once a year for routine cleanings and checks. The next example is a car. People wouldn’t dream of going ten years without getting some maintenance done on their vehicle.

Yet many people don’t do any maintenance on the system that brings comfort to their home. As you can see, maintenance is very important.

How it is a Safety Concern

Your heating system doesn’t only make your home more comfortable. If it is not properly maintained, it can be a safety risk to you and your family.

If there’re any faulty connections with the electrical aspects of the system it could cause a short. It’s possible for systems to have carbon monoxide leaks which can be deadly. And of course, since it’s a heating system there’s always a fire hazard if something goes wrong. In fact, failures to maintain and clean systems account for over 25% of home fires.

So for your family’s safety, it is imperative to do regular maintenance to stop problems before they happen.

What Needs Checked & Maintained

One of the easiest things to check is the thermostat. If you set the temperature for one thing, but the temperature never matches, it is a sign of a problem. So keep an eye on your thermostat through the year.

It is important to do maintenance on the electrical components to make sure there aren’t any shorts and that everything is working properly. You also need to make sure everything is sealed and acting correctly.

Lastly, cleaning is important and not for looks. Dirt can potentially lead to fire hazards and can make it more difficult for things to heat up the way they should. So make sure the ductwork, furnace, and every part of the system are clean.

Heating System Maintenance Professionals

Many people put off maintenance of their heating and cooling systems because they believe it is expensive and complicated. That is not the case, and could potentially save you thousands of dollars if you just break the system and need to replace everything soon. A little heating system maintenance now and then goes a long way.

Don’t risk making things worse though by trying to do it yourself. Hire a professional that can safely perform maintenance and replace anything, if necessary. Use our contact page and we can help you figure out what is best for your home heating system, whether it be repair, installation, or routine maintenance.

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