6 Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Be Rattling

Air Conditioner Rattling Can Be Caused By A Variety of Factors…

A good air conditioning system is the best way to stay comfortable in the heat of Georgia summers. However, it can be a great annoyance if it isn’t working correctly. Rattling is one of the first signs of a breakdown, so its good to understand some of the possible reasons why your air conditioning unit may be operating loudly.

Here are six reasons why you may be facing a rattling air conditioning unit:

1. Debris

Because your unit is outdoors, it’s at risk of accumulating a lot of dirt and debris. Leaves, sticks, and small rocks can fall through the cracks, disrupting its general function. Check your air conditioner if it is in an area where it is likely to catch debris because large rocks can bend the fan blades.

Always clean out your air conditioner, or have a professional clean it out, before using it for the first time each season.

2. Loose panels and screws

Within your air conditioning unit, there are panels with screws holding them in place. If one of these screws comes loose or falls out entirely, it can create a rattling sound. Similarly, if the panels are no longer held securely in place, they can also cause a loud noise.

3. Broken motors

Broken motors are generally not do-it-yourself repairs for an air conditioning unit. Air conditioners have two motors, one on the inside and one on the outside. When either stops working correctly, it can cause rattling sounds or other noises.

Motors could have old or broken bearings which need to be replaced. Alternatively, the motor may need to be lubricated, which is the type of issue a professional can take care of quickly.

4. Compressor motor

Air conditioner motors have compressors. When these compressors malfunction, it can make a loud or rattling noise. You’ll also likely notice that the unit isn’t working as well.

A malfunctioning compressor motor isn’t just loud; it usually doesn’t cool as efficiently as it once did. When you suspect the compressor motor isn’t working, you’ll want to call a professional. Your air conditioner may need new parts.

5. Misaligned fans

The fans that operate inside your air conditioner should be fixed in place. However, over time, they can become misaligned, causing the fan blades to hit the inside of the unit. At first, this will be a noisy nuisance. However, it can become a bigger problem, causing extensive (and possibly expensive) damage.

6. Damaged fan cage

Your air conditioner contains a cage that protects you from the swiftly moving fan blades. As the fan blades repeatedly hit the cage, they can cause damage, creating that distracting noise within your unit. Because these fan blades can be very sharp, this is an issue best left to the professionals. Air conditioning experts can either bend the fan blades or replace them.

A rattling air conditioning unit is indeed an annoying problem, but it can also often be a sign of greater malfunctions. Always call in a specialist to repair your air conditioner the right way so you’ll never be stuck without air conditioning when you need it.

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